Thursday, November 22, 2007

Guns Away

(*this may not live here long, but I had to get it out*)

And so it begins...

A few years ago, I was shouting upon rooftops that the whole gun registration thing was in fact a disguised ploy in order to confiscate citizens legally owned property.

Once again, I am chagrined to say I was right.

It is not techincally legal to own handguns of any kind in Quebec unless you are a registered collector (with testing done by the gubmint) or target shooter (with valid membership card). After the Dawson debacle, now there is a 5000$ fine and immediate confiscation with no warrant necessary. (No warrant? This sounds real democratic, yeah.)

Of course, as usual, no provisions are made if you are lacking the funds to shoot for example – but then that’s not the point of these laws. This would be too logical and counterproductive to vilifying firearms and their owners. Since the comparison is always made with cars, for registering firearms, I will make one as well: If you don’t have money to put gas in your car, or pay the insurance to drive, you are still allowed to keep it! Not so your firearms apparently.

In case you are wondering, shooting is a costly hobby. Membership fees run to 500$ per year at least. The ammo isn’t cheap either, and can easily cost up to 100$ a day, and more than twice that if shooting match-grade for example.

Now, I have to wonder if the provincial gubmint isn’t accelerating their pressure to get rid of these dastardly and politically expedient items, in light of the possibly-soon-to-be-terminated registry? Makes one go ‘hmmm’.

Oh and by the way, the young man doing the shooting at Dawson College, was in fact a duly registered gun owner, and also had a membership in due standing at a Montreal gun club. So I have to wonder, too, how being part of a club changes anything.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Do You Know What Hg Is?

It's mercury baby!

Note that all those so-called "eco friendly" fluo-lightbulbs do contain a quantity. Now, multiply this by millions of lightbulbs and no matter how infinitesimal the quantity, you're still in a world of hurt. Tungsten just doesn't seem quite so bad now does it?

Now that you know what Hg is, you can proceed to RECYCLING of your green-bulbs, since it's actually illegal to dump them in the trash.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot: they don't take them back in the blue-box. So it's back to the store with you. Oh wait, the stores don't take them back either. But I'm sure they will soon. Shouldn't be long now...

Green hunh?

Enough said.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

What Have You Got?

“Father, I’m in a spiritual crisis.”

“Sounds serious Tom, what’s up?”

“Well, it’s not easy for me to say... really.”

“That’s OK, take your time. I can see this is affecting you.”

“You see Father, I’m uh… I’m thinking about swapping religions.”

“My! Whatever for? Are you dissatisfied with your beliefs? With the Chruch?”

“Oh no, nothing like that! You give great sermons and mass is always refreshing for me. It’s something else.”

“Then I don’t see what the problem is Tom. Do go on.”

“Well, you see Father, oh my, how do I say this…”

“Go ahead, whatever it is, I’m sure we can sort it out.”

Tom takes a deep breath.

“Ok, so I’m a … a um… a crossdresser!”

“I see... well, uh, Tom... there’s no sin in that.”

“No, no! You don’t understand.”

Tom pulls out a clipping with a picture on it and hands it over to the Father. The Father looks at it and becomes confused.

“Tom, this is a picture of a burka!”

“I KNOW! Isn’t it AWESOME?... Umm… what have you got?”

*pic taken from – if copyright is being infringed, please do let me know.