Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Canada

For weeks now I have been sitting on my hands trying my best not to cut into the recent federal electoral events, not wanting to influence anyone.  In actual fact, I had nothing good to say about any of the candidates, nor the parties, so I decided to remain mute.

Now that all this is finally over, we may return to our regular scheduled broadcast… so after exchanging a few emails with a good friend, I have a few observations.  

The first is obviously the choice one had to make during this election.  While waiting in line at the poll, it struck me as insane that people all over the world are dying to establish democracy for themselves.  I say this facetiously, of course.  If they only knew of the choice afforded to us in this election, maybe they’d just give up.  Lives would be spared.

It’s all very sad really and now that the proof is in the pudding, I am officially disgusted with Canadians.   My friend asked which country I would prefer: the U.S. or Canada.  It was a difficult choice since I am now equally disgusted with both peoples.

Actually, it wasn’t.  I love Canada.  I have always loved my country, maybe especially when the Parti-Québécois came into power.  I’m not sure it bodes well for the future though.

My real Canada is where:

Respect of our fellow men and women is celebrated,
Where each and everyone mind their own business,
But also where our social conscience transcends
even our borders with helping hands.

Where we are proud of our armed forces,
Which are among the best in the world.
Where peacekeeping is done with a strong arm
And stronger resolve.
Where friendly countries greet our forces with open arms.

Where making an honest living is inherently possible,
Furthermore is laudable.
Where personal freedom is part of our heritage,
Indeed it's in our national anthem.
Where law and order is fair and is based upon good common sense.

Where government is directed in favour of the people.
Where accountability is a standard for which to strive,
Not something to duck.
Where good social programs are widespread,
And available to all Canadians.

The past decade, nay going on 20 years, has seen a steady erosion of each and every point above. Surely we have made a modicum of debatable progress that now hangs in the balance. The dilapidation of My Real Canada goes on, furthermore is now assured, and this is why I am disgusted.

PS. My pollster was so slow in the performance of her duty - folding the ballot – that people actually got fed-up and left before voting!  The line up for my poll was at least 4 times as long as the others the entire time I was there.