Thursday, June 12, 2008

Takes Balls

There’s this huge fuck up in the Canadian government right now with a minister or whatnot who dated a biker chick.

And by the way, she is hot.

Said biker chick is apparently known to the RCMP and has ties with the Hell’s Angels. The general consensus is that she was a spy sent by the gang to obtain sensitive contract information so the gang could secure these contracts, etc. etc. etc.

As with all things political in Canada, and elsewhere I assume, this entire thing turned into a clusterfuck. The minister in question, a fool named Bernier, was to be appointed to a big post when this so-called news came out that he once dated a biker chick.

Did I mention she was hot?

Anyway, the opposition couldn’t bring this up back then, no. Obviously the better political capital would be to nail his ass to the wall on the eve of an important appointment thereby maximizing the humiliation value. The media couldn’t bring this up back then either, his involvement with NATO wasn’t deemed important enough then I guess. The RCMP knew about this girl but did nothing. I’m not even going to speculate as to why.

So, the question du jour is: why is this information coming to light now? And from whom?

Assuming the Angels did want to infiltrate the government, my question is a little more involved. Why did they really?

Is it not possible that they never wanted the contracts and whatnot?

Is it possible, rather, that what they actually wanted was to embarrass and bring down the government? Therefore she was a plant, and not actually a spy?

And seeing as the idiots running the show won’t question a seemingly golden goose, just so long as political capital is gained, it’s not a big leap, for me anyway, to think they were manipulated into it.

Maybe the biker chick was a spy, maybe she was a plant, maybe she was attracted to a man of power, maybe they just fell in love. Who knows? Maybe even all of the above.

One thing is for sure though everyone, and I do mean everyone, has handed over their power to her. Literally. Because if you look at it cold, by hook or crook, she is currently the most powerful entity in the Canadian government.

And while she’s hot, she was never elected to anything!

Oh, and one other thing, her name is Couillard, and “couille” is literally translated as balls, yes, those balls.


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