Monday, March 10, 2008

What's Owed is Owed

I started off being angry, then resigned myself to the default “it figures”.

The Canadian gubmint, in it’s vast and infinite wisdom is about to permit the out-of-country sale of RadarSat-2. Check it out: Ottawa Citizen – Part 1 Sovereignty for Sale

Now I don’t mind that high- technology should be sold to our friends to the South.

I don’t even mind that said intellectual property would no longer be available to Canadian interests in the future.

I don’t particularly care that Canadian high-tech workers will be out of a job.

Heck I don’t even mind, all that much, that the U.S. doesn’t recognize Canadian sovereignty of the Arctic.

What I DO mind is after investing some 620+ MILLION dollars of 1995 Canadian tax-payer monies, the Canadian tax payer will receive NOTHING in compensation from the sale of this paid-for technology.

As far as I’m concerned, MacDonald-Dettwiler owes the Canadian people billions (1995’s 620M$ + interest + SPAR investments + etc., etc., etc.)…

Now, would someone PLEASE instruct the Canadian gubmint how to put a lien on their ass?

For those who didn’t quite follow all that, let me paint a clearer picture…

“I wanna borrow 6-grand from you for this car I’m building see? In exchange, I’ll give you rides to school, work, hockey, we’ll go all over the place together! I promise!”

I fix up the car. And it looks so cool now that I have piles of people who want to buy it.

“I’m gonna sell it for 18K$… you don’t mind if I keep the money, right? And by the way, the new owner doesn’t want you anywhere near it... Bye now.”

There is a single French word that fits really well in this context, and it starts with a “T…”


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