Friday, February 01, 2008

Blame the Cooks

A few days ago there was an article in the Citizen that simply disgusted me. So much so that I didn't finish reading it.

The gist of the byline was that obese people over-ate because the food industry markets their products in too flashy a manner.

I even checked to see if it was April 1st. I just stopped reading.

While I realize that we are sheeples to a certain extent, and while marketing does hold some sway over us all, I consider it completely insulting on one level: that I am apparently too obtuse to tell the difference between marketing and my own life choices.

But furthermore, that the media, of all people, would blame the food industry for my psychological problems with overeating is so utterly asinine as to be indescribable.

I am without words at such gall.

I don’t eat because of some publicity, no matter how catchy. I eat because it makes me feel good. The endorphins and whatnot are addictive. Why I need to do that? Well that’s a whole other blog isn’t it?

However, I could make a case for overeating because of the media - and the outright depressing amount of lies, half-truths, political correctness, subterfuge, misguidance, misdirection, misrepresentation and often sloppy, incomplete or downright incompetent investigative work.

Yet another article in my beloved Citizen outlines that fact that Bill Clinton got lambasted in the media for speaking the truth – oh wonder of wonders, he stated the obvious! Words to the effect that Obama was garnering the black vote. I’m thinking: “yeah, so? It’s obvious ain’t it? Hillary is probably garnering the female vote. Makes sense. No surprise there.” Apparently some media pundits took exception to this and Hillary had to make an apology for William the next day in saying something about his being tired and overwrought.

What the fuck?

When the hell did stating the obvious become verboten?

Ah wait… oh, never mind.


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