Thursday, March 20, 2008

Parallel Déjà

It’s 1980 all over again. The parallels are just insanely scary… it’s like, omygod!

Some of my readers will remember the XXII Olympiad debacle. It was held in Moscow that year.

The USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979, and therefore there was a 64-country boycott of the Olympics due to protest of this invasion.

Did the USSR pull out of Afghanistan? Uh… no.

Now let’s see, from my bag of tricks I give you: China!

China is about to slap Tibet upside the head – as if this was late-breaking news! And now we really should protest this “new” event with a boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

And we didn’t think of this BEFORE we awarded the honour to China?

And does anyone honestly think China will give a rat’s ass about a boycott? The USSR didn’t, so who in their right-mind would think any different in this case?

I mean, seriously!

I have to assume that these morons calling for a boycott weren’t yet old enough in 1980 to remember how utterly useless that move was back then.

Another parallel?

The USSR did get their asses handed to them in Afghanistan, and eventually left of their own accord.

Now we are getting our own asses handed back to us over there. A friend of mine mentioned bombing them back to the stone age – and then something about them already being in the stone age, so obviously the low water mark on that one is for naught.

One other note, while I’m at it, about the 1976 Montreal Olympiad… turns out it was the most expensive in history!


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