Thursday, December 11, 2008

Keep on Trackin'

Global Positioning System (GPS) allows one to identify the exact location, to within a few feet, of where a GPS chip is emitting.

I give you the GPS underwear.

It’s meant as a gift for the, presumably, frivolous woman in your life.

If you note, the opening line of the article: “Feminists around the world have reacted with horror to a new line of lingerie that comes equipped with a GPS tracking system.”

Horror? Really?

I guess it’s the concept that really irks them: the very idea that they could be offered lingerie. Sheesh!

Oh wait.

Perhaps, it’s the thought that lingerie may be used out of bounds, as it were. That would really be just insulting.

Oh no, wait…

I’m thinking it’s probably the GPS that irks them! Ah yes, now I see it. They view it as an infringement on their freedom to do, well, the nasty? Or is it that they might get called on it?
Who would dream up such a hair brained surveillance system anyway? Bad, bad males that we are!

What if a male were to be offered an equivalent? Would that be ok with these feminists? Nah, that one was a too easy, too obvious and sub-standard reflection, even for me. But I figured I’d throw it in for the sake of completeness.

Personally, I submit they should be horrified just out of general principle, but that’s me.

I have to wonder who these people are that are horrified? I am really wondering if they know that their computer’s internet IP address is tracked and recorded. Of if they know that their cell-phone has a GPS tracker unit built-in. Or can anyone say “On*Star”?

Hey, bitch! You are already tracked 12-ways to Sunday! Wake the hell up already.

Just accept the lingerie, say thank you, cut the unit out of the bustier, and duct-tape it to his, or her, skivvies. I think the message will come across loud and clear.

And besides, who dreamed up all these surveillance systems anyway? Bad, bad people that we are!


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