Monday, July 09, 2007

Thought of the Day

Once again I come across a Bush-hater comment. I am getting a little sick and tired of all the Bush bashing out there. Not that I am a fan of this President, indeed not.

But to all Bush-whackers out there, consider this thought for a moment:

Prez Bush isn't the cause, he is the result.


Blogger MedStudentWife said...

Woohoo - you're back. I've been hoping to see a blog from you.

So what piece got your thoughts going on this commentary?


July 09, 2007 7:29 p.m.  
Blogger Steve said...

It would be easier to count those that didn't!

July 09, 2007 8:50 p.m.  
Blogger Martin said...

I agree and disagree.

I bash Bush regularly because he represents the worst in US politics. And it's an embarrassment to the free world that this bozo got in office... TWICE.

BUT ....

My bashing does not stop there...

In order:

1. Dick Cheney - the evil puppetmaster, who profits regularly from the Iragi war.

2. Ronald Rumsfeld - A stubborn and deceitful war monger whose ego is the size of Utah.

3. The Mainstream US media - who stopped doing their jobs a long time ago for ratings and to get the next interview with Britney. They stopped asking the questions that needed to be answered. If Watergate would have happened this year - it would never have been found out. They are meek.

4. The American People - have become dumber than doorknobs... And they're not getting any smarter. They've become fat, lazy and apathetic. A superpower indeed.


July 10, 2007 11:37 p.m.  
Blogger Martin said...

BTW, one more thing... You may call this Bush bushing... but it is a thing of beauty in my book because I'm hoping it teaches a lesson this generation...

Warning - it's about 10 min long (If I recall correctly)

My last entry on this subject (I promise!)

Martin (agian!)

July 11, 2007 7:59 a.m.  

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