Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Organize and disinform

David Warren's editorial in the Ottawa Citizen today Organized outrage, one lie at at a time drives home several valid points.  He speaks of disinformation to not only spark violent protest among the more influenceable - read extremist - Islamic congregations, but to keep fuelling the riots for days. Disinformation of this magnitude requires a certain amount of organization; furthermore it requires a serious amount of ill will.

I was going to stay away from this subject altogether, but now feel compelled to point out the evil as I see it.  It is genocide.

Genocide is defined as: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group  (Merriam-Webster).  By destruction of course, we mean death.   Usually genocide is considered a ‘bad thing™’.  It is a universal truth that we all consider to be a heinous and subhuman thing to do.  Or is it?  

Our own, dare I say western, sensibilities are formed by the holocaust, by the slaughtering of tribes and communities among many African countries, by many examples world wide of evil men doing atrocious things.  Our view on this is quite clear.  

I submit that evil is defined as perpetrating so heinous an act as genocide, or calling others to do so.  What’s the difference between: “kill the Jews” (Hitler) and “kill the infidels” (recent extremist fatwah assignment)?   It is the same order of evil and potentially an order of magnitude greater… Either of these weren’t orders to a war of capitulation these were (are) calls to systematic elimination.

It appeared in my studies of religions back in Catholic CEGEP, that all valid religion concepts are based on holding human life in the highest regard.  So it was with both contemplative and social religions. Transgressions have been made throughout time where this important point was sorely missed.  For example, Catholics are still trying to live down the Crusades!  Others should take heed of this example, unless of course there is no-one else left…

So who in their right mind would call for genocide, for any reason, in the name of a religion, or worse, a singular prophet?  My point is that these people are not in their right mind.  They may or may not be evil, time will tell, but their actions are.

Extremists of this type are always that, and while their cause might be worthy, their actions can never be condoned, support should removed, one can never go along with evil. But most certainly, we must never, ever, accede to their demands.  Ever. If only out of general principle.

And here is the key: proper information.  Everyone needs access to proper – if only mildly biased - information.  If all you have to go on is disinformation, you have nothing!  Furthermore, disinformation exists for the sole purpose of manipulating.  This is the problem and leads to the kind of shite of which Mr. Warren is speaking.

No matter the name of the religion, one must disassociate from those that call to genocide.  As I’ve said, genocide is inherently evil by its very definition. It’s that simple. If nothing else, no matter how worthy, the cause will be damaged beyond repair by association.  

I pretend to be aware of what’s going on. But seriously, am I more inclined to respect “the Prophet” now that there is a hit out on a cartoonist in Denmark?  I somehow don’t think so.  I may fear making fun of said prophet, but I sure a hell won’t respect him, nor any of his followers any more, nor anymore.

So here is my sweeping statement of the day: Muslims should condemn their own extremists for fucking up their goodwill and good standing, and then proceed to explain to the rest of us why it’s so very intrinsically bad to lampoon the extremist’s prophet.  

And here I touch the real nerve of west vs. Islam.  The west is willing to separate the Real Prophet Muhammad who deserves respect, from that iconoclastic figure portrayed specifically by and for the extremists.  Muslims, it seems, are not so willing.  Newsflash: it may be close in your heart, but he ain’t the same guy!  

THE Muhammad is a great individual, perfect even.  He has enduring qualities and is an inspiration.  Another version exists: he is a mean-spirited, violent, genocidal prick… Does this sound like the same guy?  One interpretation deserves respect, the other sheer contempt.

As for the Danish cartoonists, if the editor called for cartoons depicting, say the Sunni’s Prophet, I daresay they would have drawn people holding hands, or bowing, or praying, or a thoughtful individual writing thoughts in a little notebook, or a gathering following some kind of paladin figure to Mecca, and nothing at all to lampoon.  Get my point?  

The sooner Muslims dissociate themselves completely from their extremist brethren, the better for all.  The extremists to Islam is the KKK to Christians.   KKK are simply pro-white, and extremist Muslims are just as blatantly pro-“fidel”.  The advantage we have, as Christians, is that sometimes the KKK will wear white sheets and pointy hats.  This is an obvious trademark that we can point out in a visual manner, makes it easier to distance ourselves.  Not so the extremists.

So there is no grey zone here, people: disavow these morons outright and do it soon.


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