Thursday, December 01, 2005

TV: November Sweeping

TV update after the November sweeps.

Looks like Martha is getting her sorry ass canned. “You’re FIRED!” Ha!

True to form, CBS respected the termination sequence for Threshold:

  1. Bump it from Fridays to Tuesdays,

  2. Skip a week or two,

  3. Lose it and don’t tell anyone where it is,

  4. Blam! It’s a goner.
Too bad really, I was starting to like this show, besides Carla Gugino is a babe.

That’s the second show she’s had nuked out from under her. I find it puzzling that she doesn’t get the draw necessary to keep a show alive. In case you are wondering, the other show was Karen Sisco.

Same thing happened with Night Stalker, although I was no longer watching this one. And I’m not sure Head Cases even made it half way around the track before, thankfully, being put out of it’s misery. Hot Properties is gone too.

Stuff I will no longer be watching, whether or not they get cancelled: Ghost Whisperer and ReGenesis. Apparently ReGenesis is racking up all sorts of kudos and award nominations. Too bad I don’t like any of the actors, nor the characters, nor the premise.

I have added Andromeda to my list. I’m catching the old episodes on Space daily at 12 or 7 and the new episodes on Saturdays at 6pm.

This isn't much, but I want to follow heavier posts with lighter ones.

It's a balance thing. Wink, wink.


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