Saturday, December 10, 2005

Betrayal of man and country

It is one thing for the government to screw everyone out of some money for personal gain. It is another thing entirely to screw the people out of their freedom for political gain.

Freedom is something I hold very dear to my heart. It is at the epicentre of all I am, which is why betrayal affects me so very deeply. Thus, I have been betrayed... again. I am so very angry I could chew nails. It's taken me four days to calm down and write something short of vociferous.

A few of you already know why, let me bring everyone else up to date. Your self-serving son of a maggot Paul Martin, the presumably honourable, has promised to fuck Canadians up the ass, without the courtesy of reaching around for a hand job. Let me explain.

A few years ago, the Tories enacted some gun control laws following ignominious events. While I didn’t necessarily agree with most of the chapters of the new law, I went along. Then the Liberals, in the form of Alan Rock, instituted some pearls which completely blew away the people’s right to own… well… anything. Bill C-17 was enacted and through Order in Council, the Liberals – don’t you just love that misnomer – could outlaw anything with the stroke of a pen. This means that no vote in chambers will ever be necessary, ever again, to outlaw anything.

For instance, brass knuckles are legally considered as firearms (?#?%?$?) and are therefore banned. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be, but they are not firearms by any stretch of any imagination, except politician imagination.

The first step necessary for this to happen is to know where all the weapons are in the first place. So duly, a registration system was put in place. This system was supposed to cost 85M$ and be self-sustaining. Its cost is over a 1,000M$ today. And you thought AdScam was a problem.

The second step is that citizens must agree to get fleeced. Yours truly, being a lawful citizen and still having a modicum of trust in your government, abided by all these new fangled laws, at great cost of time, energy and money to me. I had to buy a safe, take unsafe classes, pay for the books and examination, pay for new registration, and purchase a mess of trigger locks, among other things. This all cost me well over a 2000$. Which is about ½ what my firearm collection is worth, incidentally.

The third step to make the betrayal complete is to begin confiscation. At first only a few weapons were confiscated, but this was the shape of things to come. The method was simple. The police would show up at the owner’s house. Said owner who was duly law-abiding and had registered all the items to be confiscated. The fuzz would then grab everything in sight, whether contentious or not, and cart off with them.

What happened next is reminiscent of third world law and order. The cops then immediately melted or otherwise destroyed the firearms. The owner goes to court to obtain right of property. He wins, of course. The cops are admonished to hand over the firearms to no avail since they no longer exist! No compensation, and I’m not even sure he got a letter of apology. This happened in Alberta. Not some third world dictatorship. It happened in a first world police state.

Nobody cares, since this man’s property was just a bunch of evil firearms anyway. I see it as infringement on the right to own property, plain and simple.

Now, the politician Martin capitalizes on an ignominious act in Toronto for his own political advancement! Furthermore he promises to ban all handguns if elected. He actually promises to confiscate privately owned property. He promises to infringe on peoples right to own stuff. He promises to take away basic freedoms from this country’s law-abiding populace. Read: LAW-ABIDING populace.

Our true north strong and free, indeed!

This utter disregard of the freedom of the good people of Canada is outrageous, and then some. The Tories are no better and are just as contemptuous of the people.

I will admit that gun-control is a litigious issue with many who have fear, be it real or irrational, of firearms. The systematic attack on freedom on the other hand, is not litigious, by any means or by any beliefs.

I have a young friend. He is a kid from next door. He and I have spent many hours working on my Mustang’s engine together. I was helping him develop interest in the mechanical. He had dropped out of high school and was adrift. Now he both works in the automotive shop at Wal-Mart and is attending mechanics school assiduously. He is a really good kid, and he is turning his life into the right direction. He also has an interest in martial arts.

He saved up a few dollars from his job and bought a Katana – a Samurai sword – off eBay.

He comes over to show me his new acquisition with justified great pride. A trophy of his new found interest and job! He’s been in school steadily for over a year now. Remember, this kid was headed for a hard place until he got hold of himself.

He looks at me with innocent eyes and says: “I’m supposed to register it”.

This kid respects me. Furthermore, he trusts me and my judgement. I know damned well that if it wasn’t for all the hours I spent with him on that engine that he would not be where he is.

I’d just finished shovelling my driveway, I simply look down at my frozen feet. What, the fuck, am I supposed to tell him?


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