Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Smile for sex

Is the typical male, of say... 40, consistently lusting after teenage girls?

The politically correct answer is of course: "why NO! Never! I am married.
I'm a church-going man! I don't even look at other women, much less under
aged girls!"

Yeah, and the bullshit detector not only raises the alarm, but actually
fails outright due to overload.

The issue is a complex one, frought with morality and interpretation. I
won't get into either as I'll reserve these for another blog.

Here I am, a 40 year old male of the species, admitting that I have a keen
eye for the well endowed tweenage woman.

"OH MY GOD! He actually SAID IT!!!"

Do I lust after these pretty tweenagers? Of course!
Cf. 3a Merriam-Webster definition: lust

"OH MY GOD! He actually SAID IT!!!"

Furthermore my tastes are somewhat esoteric, yet another blog entry. When
asked to describe my perfect woman I have a very definite preference for the
25-45 year old woman.

"OH MY G... Waitaminit, that ain't tweens no more."

So if my personal preference is indeed 25 to 45, what gives with the tweens?
Youthful beauty? Illusion of perfection? Lack of experience? Easy target?
Innocence? Devoid of body-image baggage?

Uh oh, I am not going to be popular now. What of this latter question? It's
a bitch and a half at best. For eons women, and men of course, have taken
issue with their body. There wouldn't be a massive market for this if it
weren't a legitimate concern. Makeup, designer clothes, plastic surgery,
acrylic nails, the list goes on. Heck, this hasn't been up for debate since
the 1920s.

Maybe men are atuned to this in their women: the more comfortable a woman is
in her body, the sexier she seems to us. Take ballet dancers for instance,
even when not dancing they move with a grace borne of centuries of this art.
If all else is equal, the ballerina will seem sexier than her non-dancing
counterpart. This is not imagination, it is however empirical.

We then take this aspect one step further. Instead of years of self-work,
the tweenager reveals herself, for all intents and purposes as body-perfect.
She looks good and knows it to her core. Society has not worked it's evil on
her yet. She flaunts what she has, often quite shockingly so. Through her
innocence her comfort level with her body has not yet waned. This is the
visible. Futhermore, it is insanely attractive!

The downshot is rather nasty, those that have been tainted by society,
either through peer pressure or parents, have this comfort stolen from them.
They must then rebuild their body image from that point. For the very few
fortunate, this banditry never occurs, even later in life.

Is this attractivness pathological? Or is it a statement that we are
instinctively drawn towards that which has not yet been corrupted?

Ask the tweenager, what of this 40 year old man? The reponse will likely be
just as instinctive: "eeewwwww, gross, he's OLD!". No not old, sweetheart,
broke. Victim of the same self-induced theft that you will suffer yourself
in a few years.

Tweenagers are examples, a template if you will, to be studied carefully and
appreciated as such. One cannot recover a youthful body nor innocence
thereof, but we know we can work with what we have, using the tweenager's
carefree conviction as a guide. I'll say it again, they know what they want
and what they like. Ask the tweenager: "why do you like these shoes?" or
"why do you want this makeup?" The answer will assuredly be: "I don't know,
I just like them. Makes me look good."

And right they are too, not because of the choice itself, but because of the
conviction within each choice. It is carefree and unimpeded: "I don't know;
it looks good; he's old"... it's uncorrupted and it's bloody well

So we smile at them and we will keep smiling. Not in the hopes of getting
laid, heaven forbid, but in the hope that we'll turn from dejected, broke
and old to... "cool".

Definition: tween, in recent years, a vernacular term to describe the age
group that encompasses teenagers and twentysomethings.


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