Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pretty female teenagers are people too

I feel the need to tackle the pretty young woman question first. Small wonder one might say, I am after all a 40 year old man. And yes I have seen "American Beauty". She wasn't all that beautiful as far as I'm concerned, but what the hell.

It strikes me odd that Lester (played by Kevin Spacey) would stop his amorous advances upon learning of the young woman's virginity. The oddity is not so much because of his sudden morality attack, which is understandable by all things Christian (and maybe others), no rather it's a piss poor representation of reality. I believe that he would have gone ahead with it in real life, futhermore, at it would have been at her urging.

It has been my observation that young ladies of this age know what they want, whether they understand it or not. It has also been observed by other people that young woman in the 14 to 20 years range manage, by simply being pretty, to obtain whatever it is they want. If their youthful beauty remains for the years to come, they can keep pulling this off until about 30, sometimes a little longer. This is the essence of why I refer to these girls as women.

Case in point, an older lady behind the counter at Tim Horton's has this sour look on her face, dare I say a scowl even. The gentleman relating this example asks for some cream, "we're all out" scorns the battle axe. Mere moments later a bouncy young thing trundles up, indeed asks for the same as our hero. The nice lady behind the counter is now all smiles and giggles and has cream aplenty.

Thus observed my friend, and I quote: "what the f--k?"

Two notes can be made here, either the newly arrived young lady is the owner's daughter, or the battle axe is a lesbian. I somehow doubt either of these scenarios. Although possible, if this were only an isolated incident... it is not.

On a daily basis we submit to the charms and whims of these young women. Is it a meager attempt to secure a desire? The above example would seem to contradict this hypothesis. We'll do this almost unconsciously, even if we'll never see these young individuals again. Do we simply wish to be kind to our fellow humans? Again the above example shoots this down.

What is it that makes us putty in their hands? I know some men who would debate this vehemently, maybe on facade of political correctness. This being said, if they are truly honest with themselves, they'll agree: we are putty. No other segment of the population has this all around far reaching effect. Sure, Keanu Reeves or Celine Dion by simple presence will cause some of us to be beside ourselves, but these will be exceptions, I say this tongue in cheek of course.

You still don't believe me? Try this:
You walk into a McDonalds, or A&W whatever, and the pretty young thing behind the counter has a neutral expression on her face. Assuming you aren't in a foul mood, do you smile? (You know you do, admit it.)

Now check it out, the girl behind the counter is a dog, I mean she really isn't pretty, and she has the same neutral expression. Assuming you aren't in a foul mood, do you smile? (Bullshit! You know you don't! You adopt exactly the same expression.)

Rest assured, from NOW on you will smile next time you go, no matter who is behind the counter.

Conditionning? Damned straight! My question is, why the hell did we condition ourselves to come on to the pretty girl in the first place? Another blog maybe.

Through some years or experience, some of us will adopt a behaviour pattern that is equally considerate of men & women in general, some of us will rise above the surface and draw up smiling no matter what. Such is the chance that we will give strangers.

To wit, as is to be expected, the dynamics change radically when we get to know each of these young women. In some cases, we'll see them more and more as people, as opposed to objects of desire, in other cases not. In most cases the desire to woo, or to submit to her whim, will wane with frequency, as the human dimension takes on more importance vs. the physical attributes.

Ultimately the human dimension wins out... one should simply get to know them.


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