Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rhetorical Questions?

Today's puzzlement...

What's up with doing a job at any price? Is it really any price? Is it any job?
What is laziness? Is it lack of motivation, refusal to move, apathy, some form of depression, what?
What is a dream? Should dreams remain as dreams, or should they be systematically pursued and attained?
Is the "ideal" the road we travel towards our dreams, or is it the success of obtaining the dream?
What is success? 2 cars, a house, 1.62 kids? A million dollars? A comfortable retirement? A boat in the Caribbean?
Have I taken my pills today? Why do I take them?
Why do we have pills today, whereas in the olden day, everything was solved with alcohol and a good smack upside the head?

How is political correctness an answer to anything? Or rather, is it an answer to a question no one asked?
Why is an enraged "mother" the single most dangerous social entity? What gives her power? Why do we give her power?
If the enraged mother is dangerous, then the attractive 16 year old woman is the most potent social entity... So what is the deal with 16 y.o. women? Why are they so damned attractive to both men and women?
Why do I refer to a 16 year old female as a woman?

Why does rationality go straight out the window when life/death is involved, yet, the single most important thing in the society in which I live is money, and not life?
The world is driven by 3 things: POWER, SEX, MONEY.
Why is love not part of this equation?

I intend to bare some thoughts on the above. Something to look forward to n'est-ce pas? Maybe not so rhetorical after all.


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